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Steel, because of its strength and “green” designation, is a highly desired building material for many types of commercial buildings. Steel is one of the most-recycled materials and has been used since the early 20th century in the construction of buildings. With the advancement in techniques and materials, pre-engineered steel buildings are a highly desired alternative for many types of buildings. At Haworth Inc., Pre-Engineered Steel buildings are one of our specialties.

We have worked exclusively with Pacific Building Systems. They are regional supplier located in Woodburn, Oregon, that has made a commitment to providing quality customer service and have for nearly half a century. If you need help finding the right building to fit your needs and budget, please contact us directly. You can learn more about Pacific Building Systems Here: https://www.pbsbuildings.com/


Haworth Inc., has successfully completed a wide range of commercial site work and underground utility projects for private developers, local municipalities, private companies, and more.

We perform all types of underground utility construction, including water and sewer lines, underground electrical duct banks, gas lines, subdivision utility infrastructure, and telecommunications.

When it comes to installing underground utilities, Haworth Inc. knows firsthand the importance of accuracy, precision, and detail-oriented workmanship. We know that in order for underground utility systems to remain structurally sound for decades the right combination of experience and state-of-the-art equipment is necessary. Our expert crew has the knowledge and training required to perform any underground utility installation.


  • Project Planning: Cost analysis, budgeting, and scheduling

  • Procurement: Local engineers, surveyors, and development services

  • Performing Geotechnical Testing: Test pit excavation, potholing, identification of existing site conditions and materials

  • Site Topography & Digital Earthwork Analysis: Establish controls that help determine the quantities of import and export material needed

  • Value Engineering: We bring you the most practical and economical way to take your project to the next step

  • Sourcing: Identification and procurement of subcontractors, vendors, and materials


  • Pre-Engineered Steel Structures

  • Wood Structures

  • Concrete Structures

  • Mass Excavation and Grading: Import and Export, Building Pads, Site Pavement and Concrete Prep

  • Site and Street Utilities: Sewer, Water, Storm Mains and Services

  • Dry Utility Installation: Temporary Utilities for Remote Locations

  • Pipeline: HDPE Pipeline and Collection Line Construction

  • DOT Projects: Roads, Building Pads and Improvements, Well Sites, Terminals

  • Retaining Wall Construction

  • Site Soil Treatment

  • Detention Ponds and Vaults

  • Land Clearing

  • Demolition

  • Paving, Concrete, Landscaping, Fencing, Site Furnishings and Everything else your project may require.